Vision & Mission

Vision Establishment of a prosperous, well-governed, equitable and inclusive society through organization strengthening, capacity development and empowerment Mission To build an equitable and prosperous society by uplifting the living standard of the target groups through the mobilization of local resources, skills development and capacity building to access external resources and uniting the people scattered in the working area.


Likhu Demba Community Development Forum (LDCDF) is a networking and non-profit organization of community groups established after the completion of Rural Development Project of United Mission to Nepal in the Okhaldhunga district. The organization got registered in District Administration Office of Okhaldhunga district in 1999 and since then has been working intensively for the poor and marginal...

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Recent Projects

Poverty alleviation Fund  (PAF)

Community support program for poverty reduction  This Community support program for poverty reduction was launched by LDCDF from 2066 to 2074 BS. It was supported by by Poverty alleviation Fund  (PAF) through the funding support from world bank to Nepal. Community people were supported by income generating activities as well as infrastructure development such as drinking water schemes, irrigation canal constrution etc.

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Earthquake rehabilitation relif support

Earthquake rehabilitation relif support This program was luaunched in community to support the earthquake victim through the coordination with SAHAS Nepal, MCC Nepal. The main objective of the program was to aware the community from earthquake and immediate relief to the community after the disaster of earthquake in poor comminty.

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Soil Sustainable Management Program

Sustainable Soil Management Program (SSMP) This program was launched by LDCDF during 2059 to 2071 through the support of SSMP/Helvetas Swiss Intercorporation. Mainly soil management activities for improving the soil nutrients, improving cow shed, improvement of compost manure, farm yard manure, legume crop, grass cultivation, community etc was conducted.

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Youth Leadership & Development (YLD) Project

Youth Leadership for Development is youth centered action reflection training with the aim of creating an environment of sharing knowledge, skills and emotional intelligence among the youths of different communities in order to contribute to peace and community development through youth leadership. Project period: March 2017 to March 2018 Funding partner: Sansthagat Bikas Sanjal through MCC Canada

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Meeting held in Khiji Demba

29 Feb,2018

LDCDF has completed a meeting in Khiji Demba

Drinking Water Project Completed

29 Feb,2018

LDCDF has completed the Drinking Water Project Completed

Elected new Executive Committee

29 Feb,2018

LDCDF's has held 16th GA on April 8th 2017